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Turkey News

For Immediate Release
October 23, 2003
Statewide Contact: Fred Bates, 800-445-1914


Food Banks Have a New Hunger-Fighting Superhero

Food Bank across the state of Arizona, 10 organizations in all, are participating in the 2003 Buy-A-Bird statewide fundraiser. Captain Drumstick TM , the 2003 Buy-A-Bird Hunger-Fighting Superhero, is patrolling cities and towns throughout Arizona to bring holiday dinners to every needy family's table. After five years, Toby Turkey TM has not given up his sworn mission to eliminate hunger. Now, with the need for food growing, Toby has adopted the persona of Captain Drumstick TM , sworn to avenge empty plates and stomachs throughout Arizona!.

To most of the populace he's Toby Turkey TM ,plump roast turkey searching for mouths to feed. But when stomachs growl he hears the call and transforms into Captain Drumstick TM and he fills those bellies! Soaring onto plates! Popping thermometers! He's bursting from ovens and making holiday meals possible for families throughout Arizona!

Could you be Captain Drumstick's TM sidekick? He cannot fight this tremendous battle alone and it is the good citizens of Arizona who can help. The purchase of an exclusive Captain Drumstick TM stuffed animal, designed to scale from this Herculan Hero, will keep hunger from invading dinner tables all over the state. Your $15 dollar tax-deductable donation will provide enough for a real turkey and all the trimmings so that a needy family can have a traditional holiday meal.

So join the fight to eliminate hunger! Help Captain Drumstick TM and the Buy-A-Bird Coalition bring holiday meals to every plate in the state. Order by going to www.buyabird.org or call (602) 840-9011.


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