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P.O. Box 80852
Phoenix, AZ 85060-0852
Phone: (602) 840-9011
Fax: (602) 840-8913

Making a Multiple Order?

The Buy-A-Bird plush turkeys make great holiday gifts. If you are placing an order in excess of 20 or more Captain Drumstick dolls, please print out the form below and follow the instructions below.

  1. Fill out the attached form.

  2. Attach a list of names and addresses of those you’d like to receive Captain Drumstick.

  3. Fax the form along with your recipient list to (602) 840-8913 or

  4. Mail in your multiple order to:
    P.O. Box 80852
    Phoenix, AZ 85060-0852

Inside each Buy-A-Bird gift box will be a certificate indicating you (or the company name) have sent this gift to the recipient.

Order form to fax

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